Wealth Creation

During the early years of full-time employment, saving for retirement probably isn’t high on your list of priorities. Overseas travel, a new car, or perhaps saving a deposit for your first home are common financial goals at this stage of life. Or maybe you’re keen to learn about the stock market and build an investment portfolio.

Building your wealth is all about putting long term strategies in place to help you make the most of your finances. It’s about looking at all aspects of your lifestyle, goals and requirements and developing strategies to suit.

Your wealth creation strategy may involve setting clear short, medium and long-term goals for your future, putting together an easy to follow budget, directing surplus funds to an investment portfolio, implementing tax-effective strategies or implementing strategies to protect you and your family.


Superannuation can be your ticket to being able to do all the things you want, once you’ve done the hard yards and settled into retirement.

With a wide range of investment options, a low rate of tax on investment earnings and in most cases no tax upon withdrawal after age 60, there’s no doubt that superannuation is one of the most effective investment vehicles available.

While at a younger age retirement and superannuation might seem a long way off, the earlier you start to build that nest egg the better.

Choosing the right investment strategy within your superannuation fund is important too. While you are young, with a longer time frame to build wealth, you might consider an aggressive growth portfolio within super.

As you near retirement, your wealth adviser can work with you to reduce the risk of your super investments with a more conservative portfolio, to help protect the wealth you have worked hard to build up over your working life.

Upon retirement, we can work with you on the best way to draw an income from super so that you can enjoy your new-found freedom and lifestyle.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is just around the corner! Money that once went into a mortgage now goes into wealth accumulation, particularly super, as you start thinking about the lifestyle you want in retirement.

For some, this stage of life may start at 45 or 50, while for others the pre-retirement years may start at 55, 60, or even later, depending on when you plan to retire. Financial planning at this stage of life is about maximising investments, balancing risk and return, contributing additional money to super and reviewing risk insurance needs.

For some, easing into part-time work, and taking advantage of the Government’s transition to retirement rules is the ideal way to the next phase of their lives.

Retirement may mean time to devote to the house, gardening and golf. For others it may be time to start that world trip, write that book or try bungee jumping.

Whatever your plans, maximising your retirement savings is essential, and the way you structure your finances can greatly affect your overall retirement income.

Our other services include

We can provide you with initial advice, implementation of your wealth strategies, ongoing review to make sure your plan is still suitable, and thorough yet easy-to-read reports on your investments

Risk Insurance

Risk insurance is an important part of any wealth strategy as it protects you and your family – no matter what happens.

Redundancy advice

If you’re about to receive a payout (or already have received one), we can help you maximise the tax-effectiveness of your payout and prepare for your next job.

Estate Planning

Working in conjunction with your solicitor, we can help ensure your assets pass smoothly to the right people and in the most tax-effective manner.

Event Driven Advice

If you’re about to go through one of life's major events we can help plan the best best strategy to deal with the situation

Pension and allowance maximisation

We can help you structure your finances to maximise Centrelink benefits.

Access to buying and selling shares

Shares can play an important part in any wealth accumulation strategy.

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